Fish jumping out of the water

Always nice to see fish jump out of the water up to great heights. Even nicer in slow motion filmed by a high speed camera!

Man karate chopping a brick

A very nice video of a man chopping a concrete brick into two pieces with his bare hand! Looks painful but spectacular at the same time in slow-motion!

Tires of drag racers with high FPS!

What is not visible with the eye, becomes awesome with a high speed camera.. Take a look at the tires of these very fast drag racing “cars”!

Waterdrop floating on water

Huh, is that even possible? You can only see it in slow motion!

Exploding house

An house exploding.. not the most normal thing to see anyway, but in slow motion some awesomeness is added!

Popcorn popping in slow motion

Ever wondered how it looks when a piece of popcorn is popping? Here it is, thanks to the invention of the high speed camera!

Man blowing raspberry in Slow Motion

This one is either funny or disgusting. Its a man blowing raspberry in slow-motion!

Egg sliced in half

Another video in the “cut-it-in-half”-series. This time it is an egg to be sliced.

Tankmissile fired

Nice one. A tankmissile fired by a tank. Looks amazing in slow motion!

Tomato sliced in half

Nice video of a tomato slice in half by a sword.